PharmaReCon is here to serve you.

PharmaReCon Pharmacy Relief & Consulting Services provides temporary pharmacist and pharmacy technician staffing throughout the state of Washington. We also provide consulting services related to pharmacy management, JCAHO accreditation, Critical Access certification, and quality improvement program development anywhere in the United States.
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • We care about your business.
  • We learn your system.
  • We have implemented a quality improvement program.
  • We charge much less than the competition.
  • We provide a higher quality service.

We are rapidly growing and have pharmacists in close proximity to most of the cities throughout Washington State.  All of our staff have the ultimate goal of providing you the best service possible.  We have both retail and hospital trained pharmacists and technicians.

Whether you need coverage  for a day or two, or more regular staffing, PharmaReCon is here to meet your needs.  We are committed to providing the highest quality, lowest cost service available.

So, if you need help...

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